Rehabilitation Centre


Our Rehabilitation Centre in Dumfries is open Monday to Friday, managed by Rosemary McCrae and team leaders Barbara Campbell and David Sawden. A team of cognitive therapists provides slow stream cognitive rehabilitation through goal setting, BrainTree cognitive exercises and activities and a person-centred care plan. Cognitive therapists aim to assist service users to develop strategies to overcome any difficulties they may have acquired since their brain injury, using the BrainTree model. We aim to help service users to relearn, retrain and reskill, building confidence to move forward in their lives and promoting independence.

Morning sessions involve memory work, BrainTree cognitive exercises and daily-living and literacy/numeracy skills. In the afternoon, service users are able to take part in activities which are aimed at not only providing leisure and socialising opportunities but are also of a therapeutic nature. Examples of activities include gardening, art, games, bowls and quizzes, sports and hobbies.

There is a well-equipped computer suite, a wood workshop which is the base of our Branch Out social enterprise managed by David Sawden and a training kitchen. 

    If you would like to receive support or advice from us or are aware of anyone we could help in both the short and longer term, please Contact Us.